Keep your chin up!

"Be encouraged, Paul." Acts 23:11.

Silence is not always Golden

Silence is not always golden; sometimes it's just plain yellow! That's a little twist on an old adage.


There sat the silver Camaro, nose down in 3 to 4 feet of water.

Like there’s no tomorrow!

What's always fascinating to me is how little children run everywhere they go.


What’s your goal today? When you have a goal, it should lead to an outcome, results, and a successful end to your efforts.

It’s ok to differ

It's o.k. to be different, have differing opinions, or to have a different motivation.

Your Defining Moment

What if this moment in the script of your life is the moment that God offers you a "kenosis moment"-a moment of self emptying where you get to choose to decrease so someone else can increase.

Success has a successor

Living as a multiplier of ourselves is challenging but also very rewarding.

The Last Straw

When a nation declines morally to the place of offering innocent, unborn children on the altar of personal convenience called “pro-choice,” and makes this shedding of innocent blood, part of the legislative infrastructure, led by the national leadership, God says , “that’s the last straw.

Use Things, Love People

In Luke 16 Jesus teaches on the subject of stewardship.