It’s ok to differ

It’s o.k. to be different, have differing opinions, or to have a different motivation. In Acts 15, Paul and Barnabas agree that going back where they had previously preached the Gospel and checking up on the new believers, was a good vision and plan.(Acts 15:36-37) Paul approached this plan from a task oriented perspective. Barnabas approached this plan from a people development perspective. He wanted to take John Mark, a young disciple, with them, and encourage him. John Mark was a Pauline Ministry University drop out, in Acts 13. Paul seems to be so intensely driven to accomplish this vision that he had no time for dealing with John Mark. Paul and Barnabas both stood their ground to such a degree that they separated company. Paul and Silas continued on, and Barnabas took John Mark and traveled back to Cyprus; the place that he originally dropped out of the ministry team and went home. There’s no right or wrong on either Paul or Barnabas’s part. They were different in the ministry and personal focus. God used both of these men in powerful ways, accomplishing much for the Kingdom of God through both.

It’s important to be who God calls you to be. Everyone makes “people decisions” differently. Some lead like Paul; others like Barnabas. Barnabas chose to walk John Mark back through the early days of his ministry and encourage him. His encouragement of John Mark restored a ministry drop out and led to the writing of the Gospel of Mark, by John Mark. That’s not a bad way to lead!

Ask God to give you a clear self understanding as to “how” he made you and what brings the greatest leadership fulfillment through you. Be fulfilled and secure in this understanding. God will show you “who” to invest in. You can’t help “everybody” today, but you can help “somebody!”