Keep your chin up!

Be encouraged, Paul.” Acts 23:11. God knows when and how to speak to you. Apparently, Paul was suffering from a degree of discouragement, or God wouldn’t have said what he said to Paul. The only time you need to be “en” couraged is if you’re “dis” couraged. That’s exactly what God did. He “en” couraged Paul. These are amazing moments. I’m sure we’ve all experienced those times when God miraculously drops “encouragement” into your heart. It’s a lift from Heaven! And, God always comes at the right time with His encouragement. One of the keys is to keep going and push through the emotions of discouragement. Keep doing what you’re doing. Stay in the game! God, in his impeccable timing, will “en” courage you. So don’t give up today! Keep going! Keep praying, reading your bible, and being diligent in your corner of the world. His “en”couragement is on the way! Hey! Keep your chin up!