Dependency is the key to Success

We want a “cushion” but God wants dependency.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, some cushions are good! I want a cushion in the checkbook balance! I want a cushion on my chair. Cushions in our time schedule are nice. Cushions are that little extra that gives a sense of security and safety in our finances, our hind side, or our arrival times. Yet, in our relationship with the Lord, He wants us to live in a place of dependency.

Dependency on the Lord is illustrated through the story of Gideon, found in Judges chapters 6 and 7. God calls Gideon to take on a massive enemy army. At first, Gideon has a nice cushion in his army; 32,000 show up to fight. Yet, God says, “that too many!” What? Gideon instructed everyone who was afraid to go home, and instantly, 22,000 tuck their tails and leave. Still a cushion though! 10,000 soldiers may be able to pull this one off. God says, “still too many!” Have them all get a drink from the creek and all those that drink with their mouths in the creek, must go home. You guessed it! 9,700 soldiers were the “dog-lapping” cushion! God sent them home and told Gideon that He, He being God, would conquer the enemy with the remaining 300. Ultimately, that’s what happened. It seems that God wanted Gideon in a place of absolute dependency on Him; not on the number of soldiers or the efficiency of their weaponry.

God wants us in a place of absolute dependency upon Him. We want a cushion, and God wants dependency. As long as the outcome of whatever it is that your facing is the result of your strategic plan, God really isn’t needed. When you are in the place of dependency and have to trust in Him, it requires His power to “come through for you.” That’s where the supernatural occurs. It kind of makes sense to live in the place of dependency! That’s where you succeed.