The Blessings of Tithing

Most church attenders anticipate the time in a service when the Lead Pastor or another person will challenge the people to be faithful in support of the local church through tithing. The Blessings of Tithing are presented by using scripture, media, drama, or some other thought-provoking method. The intent is to get people to understand that God desires to bless them when they grasp the act of faithful follower-ship called tithing.

Something that makes a huge impact on those in a church service is a real life testimony of someone in the seats next to them that has learned the blessings of tithing. One such testimony was sent to me today, through an email. Here’s the email I received. Hope you enjoy!

Hey Pastor Steve,

I hope all is well. Praise Report!

So I had lost my job a while ago and paid my tithes from my unemployment income. I only had about 3 incoming unemployment checks left when an Agency found a job close to home, with good hours, and the pay rate I was needing. I started the job late March, just thanking the Lord I had a job, finally. The position was contract to full time. I’m pretty adamant on budgeting my money and realized this position was just barely paying my bills. Satan has a way of telling you, “if you don’t pay your tithes you will free up some money to catch up with.” But I asked myself, “Can I really do more with the 100% than what God can do with the 90%?  He has taken care of me and my family so why would I now lose faith in his blessings?” I continued to tithe with a cheerful heart, just thankful that I had tithes to give. As you know, human nature will have you worrying and wondering how you will make it. Today I received a permanent job offer offering more than I asked for! God is always on time! I truly believe there is nothing in our lives the Lord doesn’t care about. Just thought I’d share the good news. : )

Have a good day!

That email reminded me of the blessings of tithing and it also made me thrilled to see God do something so wonderful in the lives of one of our New Life Church families! We serve a faithful God! Love ya!