Totally Committed

It’s a new year full of wonderful opportunities before us. Let’s maximize on the opportunities and watch God optimize the boundaries in your life. Let me share a few thoughts with you from a New Testament perspective.     Luke 2:25 tells of an old, Jewish man named Simeon, that was patiently, and prayerfully, awaiting the birth of Jesus. He is described by Luke in the following way:
He was righteous and devout and was eagerly waiting for the Messiah to come and rescue Israel.” 

Devout! What a powerful word. It means totally committed. What a great compliment ascribed to him by God. God gave the compliment because he allowed this to be recorded in scripture; forever settled in heaven. Wow! So, let’s make it our objective to be totally committed in every way.

                      This is your year to live totally committed:

  1. To God
  2. To your spouse and family
  3. To your church family and ministries
  4. To all areas of service
  5. To your jobs, employers, and other secular commitments

Take a moment and prayerfully evaluate your commitments. Are you totally committed? How do you think God looks on your commitment level? Would he record the same for you in scripture? Would he say you’re a totally committed person? You have the privilege of setting things off on the right foot! It’s a new year! Write a new chapter in your life! This year is the year of “total commitment!”

Love ya!