Your Defining Moment

What if this moment in the script of your life is the moment that God offers you a “kenosis moment”-a moment of self emptying where you get to choose to decrease so someone else can increase. It’s your time to promote them, encourage them, position them, invest in them, speak to them, and speak up for them, posturing them for increase and advancement. This is exactly what Barnabas did for Saul(aka Paul), in Acts 9, as well as Acts 11. Paul would later become the author of nearly two thirds of the New Testament. He would be instrumental in the planting of the church in the Gentile world. As you read these two chapters in Acts it becomes clear that Paul had someone investing in him, helping him to launch into his ministry. Barnabas, whose name means “son of encouragement,” was just that to Paul. In the same way that John the Baptist new that Jesus must increase, and he must decrease, Barnabas was fully in touch with the fact that Paul must increase, and he must decrease. It’s not that Paul was significant and Barnabas was insignificant. It was about assignment. Both were assigned their tasks by God. Both were integral. Both were different in application.

Perhaps your kingdom identity isn’t to be “Paul.” Maybe it’s Barnabas. As such, the kingdom DNA God has put in you is released when you fulfill your purpose. Embracing your kingdom identity releases goodness, spiritual fullness, and strength of faith-resulting in a great harvest of souls. There’s no better place to live than in the role God has for you. Being the “Paul” strokes the ego. Notoriety and front-line recognition seems more glamorous perhaps, but at the end of the day, there’s such great fulfillment in knowing that you ran your race, finished your course, and invested yourself promoting, posturing, and positioning the next “Paul!” Go have a great day and be fulfilled living in the skin God has put you in!

Love ya!